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UIDP Academy

Innovation Centers Workshop

This premeeting workshop focused on three primary areas: 

  1. Innovation Center Case Studies 
  2. Creating Innovation Centers 
  3. Facilities, design and finance 

These focus areas were used to address questions associated with partner recruitment, rationale for establishing innovation centers, alignment of partner interests, practical tips on center governance, management of IP and confidentiality and other key learnings. 



Download Presentations below.

Boeing has a long history in university partnerships and working globally. This presentation focuses on the global model Boeing has established, what can be translated across geographies and what unique features must be considered in each engagement.

Technology Square, located in Midtown Atlanta, was established to bring together talent and research from campus, corporation innovation and start-ups to partner in “creating the next.” Aspects of the partnerships, community, evolution of the model based on learnings, as well as ongoing management and development are discussed.

Establishment of an innovation center presents unique challenges due to the specific situation. Examples of how some of these situations have been addressed in a variety of situations are discussed.

Innovation centers are no longer just for Silicon Valley startups. Many universities are adopting similar principals in the way innovation centers are designed and programmed. These centers focus on breaking down departmental silos and encouraging multi-disciplinary inquiry to foster industry partnerships, fully leveraging available grants and funding for research. Advancing these new models allow universities to recruit fresh talent, establish new partnerships for success and promote an environment where emerging leaders can explore solutions to the complex social challenges of our time. But how do universities best design and utilize these spaces to attract and retain their students? How can these spaces address unique requirements, encourage and increase interactions, while addressing the challenges of boundaries and privacy?