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Meetings & Events

2023 Sony Research Award Program Webinar

Learn more about the Sony Research Award Program, submission guidelines, and application deadlines during Sony’s webinar. Awards up to $150,000 per year for each accepted proposal. This informational webinar is open to UIDP university members and non-members only and is subject to approval.

UIDP Town Hall: HBCU Engagement Update

Join UIDP for an overview of the HBCU Engagement Initiative. This UIDP/HBCU town hall is to provide an update on the growth of this effort.

UIDP Webinar: Insights for Researchers

Learn more on empowering faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and staff scientists with the knowledge and tools to initiate and nurture successful partnerships with industry stakeholders.

UIDP Webinar: AI Impact on Contracting

Examine AI's influence on research and project administration—how AI is shaping the research landscape and ways in which projects are conducted and managed. Open to UIDP member representatives only.

U.S. Federal Legislative Update

Learn more about the current state of affairs in Washington, D.C. to include pending and passed legislative activity, trending regulatory topics, and how your organization can leverage these current opportunities. This webinar is for UIDP member representatives only.

UIDP Webinar: UI Collab

This webinar will give participants the opportunity to meet some of the consultants and discover how to leverage UI Collab to empower teams, refine strategies, and boost innovation ecosystems.