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New Report from OSTP-UIDP Symposium: Broadening University and Industry Engagement

On December 3, 2019, the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and UIDP hosted the Broadening University and Industry Engagement symposium at Stanford University. The symposium brought together more than 90 leaders and experts from the private sector, academia, and federal, state, and local governments to identify opportunities to broaden and strengthen cross-sector engagement […]


UIDP 1-Minute Survey | Understanding Different Levels of Partnership

Terminology and nomenclature help define relationships. For this survey, we set out five different partnership levels, from the newest or most surface-level to the deepest, most advanced type. We asked respondents to provide the label or key word their organization would associate with the given level of engagement. For the purpose of these descriptions, “deal” […]


UIDP 1-Minute Survey | Use of Commercial Feasibility Reports to Justify Research Funding

Some companies require a commercial feasibility report prior to a new R&D project. UIDP was interested in learning about industry best practices for when and how to use these reports. Download the survey report. In a survey fielded to industry prime representatives May 20 to June 15, 2020, UIDP found that a majority of respondents (58%) [...] READ MORE

VMware’s Chris Ramming on the value of cross-sector collaboration

Chris Ramming, senior director of research at VMware, sat down for an interview with UIDP to share his perspective on how industry works cross-sector—with universities and with the National Science Foundation--to develop and disseminate innovative ideas in today's high-tech landscape. "In some sense, there's a long story unfolding that has to do with the way [...] READ MORE

Patricia Bou, CannonDesign: The intersection of design, innovation, and collaboration

UIDP’s Community Partners are organizations and agencies that are not eligible for general membership, but whose mission and work are complementary to UIDP. They possess skills and tools that are relevant to the UIDP community and that boost our efforts to develop and disseminate strategies addressing common barriers to university-industry collaboration. Community Partner CannonDesign is […]


UIDP 1-Minute Survey | Perception of Industry Engagement in Universities 2020-2021

In the COVID-19 environment, UIDP was interested to learn about our members’ perception of university-industry research relationship investment anticipated for the next academic year. Will it increase, decrease, or remain the same? See the survey report. In a survey fielded to both university and industry membership May 18-25, 2020, UIDP found that a majority (61%) […]


UIDP 1-Minute Survey | What tools do universities use to search for federal grant opportunities?

The need to more rapidly and efficiently search for federal grants has become paramount for universities. Grant searching tools which incorporate machine learning to automatically search for federal grants (by research sector and by matching university research profiles) and that provide daily or weekly reports could prove highly useful. See the survey report. In a […]


Call for Proposals: LG PRI Tech RFPs for University Researchers

LG PRI has three RFP requests for university research that UIDP is pleased to disseminate for consideration. Feel free to pass this information along to the relevant researchers in your institution. Please see the details in the chart below. For more information, including specs, please email, and cc:   Do you have opportunities […]


Survey results: Industry perspective on COVID-19; research top priority for academic engagement

UIDP recently fielded two surveys with our industry members that produced important takeaways for universities as they pursue research partnerships. The first survey (fielded April 27-30) polled industry about preference for receiving information about university-based COVID-19 research. In the current climate, what’s the best way for academic researchers to let industry know about capabilities and […]


Most companies don’t have post-doc employee programs─yet

UIDP recently fielded a one-minute survey with our industry members about employing post-doctoral researchers: how common are industry-based programs dedicated to this practice? While most of our 22 respondents said they did not have such a program, about one in four (23%) said they did. A fair proportion of respondents (18%) said they hired post-doctoral […]