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The UIDP Resource Center: what publications are available and who are they for?

UIDP_publications_matrix_5Every year, the UIDP generates and releases content in the form of publications and reports, training workshops, webinars, videos, and more. We store this content online in our Resource Center, providing easy access 24/7 and practical support for practitioners working to improve university-industry (U-I) partnerships and collaboration.

The content we produce is intended to support practitioners working in the U-I space at every level, from bench scientists to executive leadership. Because areas of interest, function and responsibility vary, different UIDP resources will of more interest and relevance to some audiences than others. While the majority of UIDP products are the outcomes of member-led projects, we also tap into the insights of subject-matter experts on collaboration and partnership.

The first part of our guide to UIDP content is ready for use. We’re in the process of compiling a guide to help people understand what UIDP content is available within our Resource Center. To do this, we are evaluating UIDP content by topic area and by audience. The first step has been to look at all UIDP-created or co-created publications to identify primary and secondary audiences for the information based on the information covered. We’re making this publications matrix available now, while we continue to evaluate the rest of our resources.

Can everyone access UIDP content? Most UIDP content is developed for exclusive use by UIDP member representatives, which means anyone from a UIDP member organization can download the publications listed and access all other UIDP resources online behind the members-only firewall. You must be registered to the site to access this password-protected area. Member reps can also order print copies of UIDP publications by emailing

We also make some UIDP resources available to the broader U-I community as a way to support the continued pursuit of effective, productive relationships at the U-I interface. This publicly available content is also listed in our Publications Matrix. We encourage you to review which UIDP publications are available to everyone, and which sit behind our members-only firewall. If you have any questions, please email us at

Publications Matrix

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