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Two New Resources Available

Knowledge-sharing is fundamental to the way UIDP operates. We’ve been compiling information we think will be valuable and of interest to UIDP members. It’s time to share it!

Reference Articles on U-I Collaboration

Over the years, we’ve collected many interesting articles on a variety of topics related to university-industry (U-I) collaboration. We’ve created a new page with these articles, organized by the same categories we use to organize our projects: Contract Negotiation, Intellectual Property, Strategic Partnerships, Workforce Development, and Government Engagement and Economic Development. Where we can link directly to the article we do, but some articles sit behind a paywall. Access the articles here.

State Funding Opportunities

In 2017, the UIDP compiled a list of state funding opportunities. It’s by no means an exhaustive list of all state opportunities available, but it’s a best effort to gather opportunities that may be of interest to our members. This resource is only available to UIDP members only and can be accessed here.