Breakout Sessions #3
3:40 – 5 p.m.

Academic and Corporate Career Shifts

Location: Silver Oak/Jordan

Increasingly, Individuals with varying job responsibilities (researchers, grants administration, alliance managers) are being recruited by the "other" sector.  This session will consider some of the factors to consider when weighing a move as well as candid observations from those who have made the shift.

Panelists: Moderator: Mindy Cohen, Higher Talent, Facilitator: Dennis Fortner, Carnegie Mellon, Gaylene Anderson, BI, Brad Fenwick, Elsevier, Gert Lanckriet, Amazon Music


Maximizing the Impact of Advisory Boards

Location: Baringer/Camus

Many universities (as well as companies) strategically use advisory boards to gather business intelligence on how to achieve their research and commercialization goals. This session will consider what topics and issues should be addressed when considering the creation, implementation and effective management of a board.  This is a new UIDP project.

Speakers: Mark Boden, Boston Scientific, Joe Jankowski, Case Western


Public Dedication IP Models

Location: Cakebread

Alignment on IP issues is critical to the success of university-industry partnerships and can be a roadblock as well as an enabler of collaboration.  The Public Dedication IP model is one intermediate point in a spectrum ranging at one extreme from unrestricted independent ownership of IP (which arises from the gift model of funding) to pre-negotiated exclusive licensing terms (e.g., University of Minnesota MN-IP) at the other extreme. The UIDP is nearing completion of a new report that outlines contemporary strategies and approaches for effective use of the Public Dedication IP model.

Speakers: Chris Ramming, VM Ware, William Tucker, UC Davis


Mentor Lunch Program

Location: Kistler

A program for engaging Business/Industry/Government mentors with student mentees in academe will be presented.  As implemented at NC State, this program will be described including an implementation strategy.  An additional program will also be presented.

Speakers: Bob Starbuck, UIDP, Mike Walsh, NC State University


myUIDP Live Tutorial

Location: Opus

The UIDP is launching an online platform to help you get the most out of your
membership. You’ll be able to tailor your experience and connect to other members,
opportunities, activities, and resources that you’re interested in. Join Angie Florentine
for a live demo and tutorial, and to get started with this new feature-packed tool.

Speakers: Angie Florentine, UIDP