UIDP26 Registration
7 a.m. – 5 p.m.

7 – 8 a.m.

Location: Bldg. 9 hallway (south entrance)

First Time Attendee Orientation
8 – 9 a.m.

This session will provide an overview of the UIDP and our operational model. It is recommended that representatives of new UIDP member organizations and all first time meeting participants attend this informational session.

SpeakersAnthony Boccanfuso, UIDP, Angie Florentine, UIDP, Dennis Fortner, Carnegie Mellon, Barclay Satterfield, Eastman

Location: Cakebread & Kistler

UIDP Projects Process and Portfolio Review
8 – 9 a.m.

SpeakersBruce Gingles, Cook Medical, Liz Kennell, UIDP, Ruben Rathnasingham, UT Austin

Location: Vineyards Conference Center

Welcome & Day 1 Recap
9:05 – 9:15 a.m.

Location: Vineyards Conference Center

Women in Tech (videoconference)
9:15 – 9:35 a.m.

Professor Jennifer Rexford is a networking expert and Chair of Princeton’s Computer Science Department. Dr. Rexford’s research examines the most efficient & stable way to transfer information through networks; she has been a key contributor to the Border Gateway and other Internet protocols. In her presentation, Rexford will reflect on the role that industry and academic research has played in her career.

SpeakersJennifer Rexford, Princeton, Holly Falk-Krzesinski, Elsevier, Serpil Bayraktar, Cisco

Location: Vineyards Conference Center

Corporate Strategic Innovation
9:35 – 10:05 a.m.

Leading in the new digital world means letting go—letting go of end-to-end proprietary solutions, serial development methodologies, and working in silos. That’s why we bring our partners and customers closer for joint discovery and co-innovation. We’re reshaping and redefining our digital world together.

Speakers: Alex Goryachev, Cisco

Location: Vineyards Conference Center

Connected Education & Virtual Research Collaboration
10:05 – 10:25 a.m.

With digital transformation, students can learn more and faculty can research in new ways, in new places, with new connections to resources around the world. Cisco and IBM are leading this transformation and will discuss perspectives. Cisco will start with visionary solutions that enable students to learn without limits: IBM will discus how education can play an important role in defining a new “data citizenship” that prepares students for the AI economy, in which their personal data is an important commodity.

Speakers: Renee Patton, Cisco, Naguib Attia, IBM

Location: Vineyards Conference Center

Introduction to Breakout Sessions
10:25 – 10:30 a.m.

Review of the breakout session options which will follow the break.

Speakers: Liz Kennell, UIDP

Location: Vineyards Conference Center

Breakout Sessions #1
11 – 11:40 a.m.

Strategic Engagement: The Partnership Continuum

LocationSilver Oak/Jordan

The UIDP issued the Partnership Continuum report in 2012;  based upon feedback from the UIDP community at prior sessions and working events, the UIDP has made substantive updates to the continuum and these updates will be presented tor feedback and input from session attendees.

Speakers: Goran Matijasevic, UCI, Deb Stokes, Dell


Value and Use of Template Agreements


This concept session will explore how template agreements in industry sponsored research could be used and the benefits that they would provide to academia and industry.

Speakers: Charles Adelsheim, Varian, Andy Buddell, Vanderbilt


Degree Completion vs. Skill Attainment


What are the practical alternatives to four-year or advanced degrees to prepare students for careers, especially when many companies struggle to find candidates with the most in-demand practical skills, especially in technology? This session will explore how companies and universities are facing the issue currently, and what (else) might be done going forward.

SpeakersFacilitator: Lin Zhou, IBM, Karen Matthys, Stanford, Zohra Yafai, Cisco


Women in Science and Tech


Many reports have highlighted the tremendous challenges that women face in identifying opportunities and working in science and for technology companies; paradoxically, technology firms of all sizes have openly expressed their desire to increase the percentage of opportunities for women.  This session will discuss contemporary issues and give the perspectives from successful women who possess first hand experiences.

SpeakersHolly Falk-Krzesinski, Elsevier, Serpil Bayraktar, Cisco, Cherise Bernard, Spotify, Helena Dues, Elsevier


Technology in Media


Cisco is helping video service, content, and media providers transform entertainment with Video Aware Networking that enables them to improve operations, experiences, innovation, and security.

SpeakersMichael O'Gorman, Cisco, Yves Bergquist, University of Southern California

Breakout Sessions #2
11:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Contracting: Contract Accords 16: Software

Location: Silver Oak/Jordan

The UIDP's first project (Contract Accords) seeks to provide greater understanding to common issues faced when negotiating industry sponsored research agreements.  This session will cover Contract Accord 16 Software which is nearing final draft stage. We will review the most recent draft and discuss any issues that require further clarification.

Speakers: Elaine Brock, UIDP


New Models for U-I Research

Location: Baringer/Camus

Many universities and companies continue to seek new and expanded approaches to U-I research, services, and testing partnerships. This session will seek feedback regarding additional approaches being considered, piloted, and deployed.

Speakers: Mark Schmidt, Deere & Company


Design Excellence in Progressive Delivery Models

Location: Cakebread

Design-build delivery carries with it a team-wide responsibility to gain a full understanding of the owner’s intentions and the factors that will drive value into the process and outcome. This panel of experts – an architect, a master builder and an associate vice chancellor – will review how important clearly defined owner goals and objectives are, how design excellence impacts community development and why team members should be mindful of the lasting impact they have on the built and natural environment and the stakeholders who will rely upon their work for generations to come.

Speakers: Brad Lukanic, AIA, CannonDesign, Praful Kulkarni, AIA, gkkworks, CannonDesign, Eric C. Smith, UC San Diego


Technology in Healthcare

Location: Kistler

Technology (via software, hardware and other means) is playing an increasing to support the globe's healthcare ecosystem.  This session will consider how companies are partnering with universities to develop new tools, and how healthcare providers are using technology to advance the human condition.

Speakers: Barbara Casey, Cisco, Kathleen Richard, Optum, Alex Gao, Samsung, Kristen Wright, Cisco


Pre-Competitive IP Approaches

Location: Opus

Following the discussion at the 2018 Project Summit in Mobile, the working group will examine different IP terms used for pre-competitive research and the conditions for considering one approach over another.

Speakers: Kim Jacobs, University of Florida, Rick Jacubinas, Solvay

Lunch (Food Trucks)
12:30 – 1:30 p.m.

Location: Bldg. 9 parking lot

Elsevier & New Jersey Partnership
1:30 – 2:15 p.m.

Finding streamlined ways to connect companies with university researchers is helpful in fostering an innovation ecosystem.  Five NJ research universities and the State of New Jersey have come together to create a web portal that provides information on faculty research, experts, and research facilities.  This session will give an overview of the project process, goals, and outcomes.

Speakers: Coleen Burrus, Princeton, Eli Khazzam, NJEDA, Kelechi Okere, Elsevier

Location: Vineyards Conference Center

Panel: U-I Researcher Roundtable
2:15 – 3 p.m.

The key players in industry-university relationships are typically the faculty researchers and industry lab leads who are working closely to address issues of mutual interest. This session will bring together academic and corporate representatives who will share their experiences in working at the industry-university interface.

Speakers: Moderator: Jay Walsh, Northwestern, Josh Star-Lack, Varian Medical, John Zhang, Dartmouth

Location: Vineyards Conference Center

Givaudan – Company Overview, Collaboration Process, and Flavors Opportunity Areas
3 – 3:20 p.m.

Givaudan is the global leader in Flavors and Fragrances, headquartered in Vernier, Switzerland. Givaudan’s membership in UIDP began in 2016, and was initiated by the Flavors Division Science & Technology Team located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Partnering for shared success is a pillar of Givaudan’s 2020 strategy. This in-cludes collaborations with suppliers, corporations, start-ups, research institutions and universities globally.

Moderators: Thomas Kirsch, Givaudan, Mary Jo Meyer, Givaudan

Location: Vineyards Conference Center

Breakout Sessions #3
3:40 – 5 p.m.

Academic and Corporate Career Shifts

Location: Silver Oak/Jordan

Increasingly, Individuals with varying job responsibilities (researchers, grants administration, alliance managers) are being recruited by the "other" sector.  This session will consider some of the factors to consider when weighing a move as well as candid observations from those who have made the shift.

Panelists: Moderator: Mindy Cohen, Higher Talent, Facilitator: Dennis Fortner, Carnegie Mellon, Gaylene Anderson, BI, Brad Fenwick, Elsevier, Gert Lanckriet, Amazon Music


Maximizing the Impact of Advisory Boards

Location: Baringer/Camus

Many universities (as well as companies) strategically use advisory boards to gather business intelligence on how to achieve their research and commercialization goals. This session will consider what topics and issues should be addressed when considering the creation, implementation and effective management of a board.  This is a new UIDP project.

Speakers: Mark Boden, Boston Scientific, Joe Jankowski, Case Western


Public Dedication IP Models

Location: Cakebread

Alignment on IP issues is critical to the success of university-industry partnerships and can be a roadblock as well as an enabler of collaboration.  The Public Dedication IP model is one intermediate point in a spectrum ranging at one extreme from unrestricted independent ownership of IP (which arises from the gift model of funding) to pre-negotiated exclusive licensing terms (e.g., University of Minnesota MN-IP) at the other extreme. The UIDP is nearing completion of a new report that outlines contemporary strategies and approaches for effective use of the Public Dedication IP model.

Speakers: Chris Ramming, VM Ware, William Tucker, UC Davis


Cultivating Meaningful and Sustainable Partnerships Between Colleges of Education and Industry

Location: Kistler

In order for Colleges of Education to achieve their missions in a rapidly changing education landscape, they must do a much better job of working with others to improve outcomes for students in our Pk-20 schools. While Colleges of Education have a long history of cultivating school-university partnerships, they have not done well cultivating meaningful and sustainable partnerships with industry. This session will consider how one College of Education (University of South Florida) and one corporation (Texas Instruments) have begun such a partnership and to engage in conversation around the potential of such partnerships and how Colleges of Education and Industry can work together to solve important education problems in today’s society.

Speakers: David Allsopp, South Florida, Scott Sedberry, Texas Instruments


Mentor Lunch Program

Location: Opus

A program for engaging Business/Industry/Government mentors with student mentees in academe will be presented.  As implemented at NC State, this program will be described including an implementation strategy.  An additional program will also be presented.

Speakers: Bob Starbuck, UIDP, Mike Walsh, NC State University

Bus to Computer History Museum
5 p.m.

Reception at Computer History Museum
6 – 8 p.m.

Featuring a talk on U-I Relations in Japan from UIDP's Tony Boccanfuso and the University of Tokyo's Shigeo Kagami.

Day 3: Wednesday, April 18