Breakout Sessions #2
11:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Contracting: Contract Accords 16: Software

Location: Silver Oak/Jordan

The UIDP's first project (Contract Accords) seeks to provide greater understanding to common issues faced when negotiating industry sponsored research agreements.  This session will cover Contract Accord 16 Software which is nearing final draft stage. We will review the most recent draft and discuss any issues that require further clarification.

Speakers: Elaine Brock, UIDP


New Models for U-I Research

Location: Baringer/Camus

Many universities and companies continue to seek new and expanded approaches to U-I research, services, and testing partnerships. This session will seek feedback regarding additional approaches being considered, piloted, and deployed.

Speakers: Mark Schmidt, Deere & Company


Design Excellence in Progressive Delivery Models

Location: Cakebread

Design-build delivery carries with it a team-wide responsibility to gain a full understanding of the owner’s intentions and the factors that will drive value into the process and outcome. This panel of experts – an architect, a master builder and an associate vice chancellor – will review how important clearly defined owner goals and objectives are, how design excellence impacts community development and why team members should be mindful of the lasting impact they have on the built and natural environment and the stakeholders who will rely upon their work for generations to come.

Speakers: Brad Lukanic, AIA, CannonDesign, Praful Kulkarni, AIA, gkkworks, CannonDesign, Eric C. Smith, UC San Diego


Technology in Healthcare

Location: Kistler

Technology (via software, hardware and other means) is playing an increasing to support the globe's healthcare ecosystem.  This session will consider how companies are partnering with universities to develop new tools, and how healthcare providers are using technology to advance the human condition.

Speakers: Barbara Casey, Cisco, Kathleen Richard, Optum, Alex Gao, Samsung, Kristen Wright, Cisco


Pre-Competitive IP Approaches

Location: Opus

Following the discussion at the 2018 Project Summit in Mobile, the working group will examine different IP terms used for pre-competitive research and the conditions for considering one approach over another.

Speakers: Kim Jacobs, University of Florida, Rick Jacubinas, Solvay