Breakout Sessions #4
8:10 – 9:30 a.m.

Maximizing the Outcomes from U-I Visits

LocationSilver Oak/Jordan

There is significant variance in how universities and industries plan strategic visits to one another. This session will explore the key findings from the content developed from the 2018 Project Summit.

Speakers: Cherrie Hughes, University of Florida


Industry Investments in Scholarship Programs


A concept session was held at UIDP25 to discuss the differences between industry-run competitive scholarships and fellowships, endowed scholarships within departments, and non-endowed scholarships within departments. This session will seek to determine a rationale for why universities and industries would participate in scholarship programs and will explore mechanisms for establishing these programs.


BASF's Digitalization in R&D


With the volume of acquired data growing exponentially, the need for meta-analysis across diverse data sets is the reality driving our understanding of the natural world. Coupled with expansions in computing power and advancements in artificial intelligence techniques, the transformative opportunity which digitalization represents cannot be minimized. Increasing our effectiveness, efficiency and innovative power as an R&D organization requires us to build strong collaborations with leading universities and the thought leaders in the digital space. This session will give you an overview of Digitalization in R&D at BASF and invite you to collaborate with us.

SpeakersBrian Standen, BASF


IoT Security, Privacy, & Policy

The Internet of Things is adding millions of intelligent devices to the Internet which pose a completely new set of challenges with regard to cybersecurity and privacy.  This session will discuss the challenges as well some potential solutions and approaches from a variety of perspectives.

LocationKistler (classroom)

Speakers: Vyas Sekar, Carnegie Mellon University CyLab, Jim Warren, Cisco


Up, Up and Away: Higher Education Computing and the Cloud


Cloud computing offers numerous potential benefits for university research, administration and teaching.  However, as a new, emerging model for higher-education computing, it presents several challenges as well.  This panel will explore the promise of the cloud and how universities are overcoming the challenges.

SpeakersElizabeth Bruce, Microsoft, Karina Edmonds, Google, Shane Knapp, UC Berkeley