UIDP Brand Refresh in the Works

The issue of organizational branding has been a hot topic recently, on the agendas of several association boards operating in the U-I space. UIDP is no exception, but don’t worry … we’re doing a brand refresh, not a name change!

At their meeting in Detroit earlier this fall, the UIDP Board discussed the UIDP brand, exploring questions about whether it conveys what we want it to, whether it’s recognized in our communities of interest, and whether we think there’s anything about it we need to change.

We are not rebranding UIDP

The consensus from the Board was that there’s no interest in undertaking a name change or designing a new visual identity for UIDP. We know UIDP—the acronym specifically—has strong brand equity, and our logo and visual identity still feel relevant. However, there was strong interest in developing a tagline for UIDP, to help us better describe what we do.

C-Comm is working to develop tagline options

The Board gave direction to the UIDP team to engage the Communication Committee (C-Comm) to help us develop ideas for a new tagline. We are lucky this year to have several marketing and communication professionals on the C-Comm, along with other member representatives who’ve worked in or been responsible for these areas at different points in their career. We’ve got a lot of creativity and enthusiasm at the table!

Tell us your ideas for a new UIDP tagline

The C-Comm are currently working to develop tagline options and will meet in early November to make their recommendations.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear from other member reps! If you’ve got ideas for a UIDP tagline, email us at and we’ll add your ideas to the list for consideration!

The Board will finalize a list of tagline options later in November and we’ll share them with the membership for input. Once we have member feedback, we’ll do a brand refresh to update the UIDP logo to include the new tagline.