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UIDP25 – Daily Recap

Tuesday, Sept. 26th, 2017, Detroit, MI 

Yesterday we heard from two panels of University and Industry representatives on how U-I collaboration can benefit state and regional economic progress. Our panelists discussed their personal experience with government support of U-I collaboration and the resulting successes of these partnerships.

Look out for details in the full meeting recap. Stay tuned for tomorrows meeting topics!

Wednesday, Sept. 27th, 2017, Detroit, MI 

Today, Ed Krause (Ford Motor Company) dispels the myths and misunderstandings about creating successful company-university partnerships. He discusses partnership selection criteria, the purpose and creation of a master agreement, and trust versus transaction-based relationships. Meeting participants learn behaviors on both the university and company side that encourage success, and how to deal with difficulties when they arise.

Look out for details in the full meeting recap (Coming Soon)!