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Community Partners

UIDP’s Community Partners are organizations and agencies that are not eligible for general membership, but whose mission and work are complementary to UIDP.

They possess skills and tools that are relevant to the UIDP community and that boost our efforts to develop and disseminate strategies addressing common barriers to university-industry collaboration.

Community Partners are limited in number and must be invited by UIDP. They publicly align with our mission and values, invest in UIDP, and actively engage with our membership.

We encourage our members to seek out our Community Partners to learn how your activities can complement and amplify your effectiveness.

Interested in becoming a Community Partner? See the benefits.


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CannonDesign is a global architecture firm focused on innovative design across health, education, business, and science. In its work with large-scale healthcare projects, such as the OR 360 simulation center at Cedars Sinai, CannonDesign has questioned the role that architecture plays in human health. At the UC San Diego Jacobs Medical Center, which opened in November of 2016, the team created an all-electronic patient intake system. A similar concept for changing the amount of time patients spend waiting was implemented in 2016 at the University of Minnesota’s health center, where CannonDesign also reimagined the use of exam rooms and doctor offices to create a more efficiently used space. For Kaiser Permanente’s Radiation Oncology Center in Anaheim, California, when also opened in 2016, the firm took inspiration from day spas to create a more relaxing, inviting environment for cancer patients. The firm is also tackling social challenges—in Cook County, Chicago, it is working to redesign bond courts to be more equitable. A 20-person team at CannonDesign, called Yazdani Studio, acts as an experimental think tank that helps to drive innovation within the firm. In 2018, Cannon set its sights on improving children’s health and well-being through architectural interventions. It completed the VCU Health Virginia Treatment Center for Children, one of the largest stand-alone pediatric mental health facilities in the United States, and York University’s Student Centre in Toronto, Canada, which was designed to reduce social isolation among college students. (Source: FastCompany article, Most Innovative Companies.) Learn more about CannonDesign and UIDP.

Read an interview with CannonDesign Co-Director Patricia Bou.

Collaborative Real Estate is a full-service real estate firm specializing in innovation districts and university research parks. With our expertise in development, asset/property management, and community activation, we help innovative ecosystems truly thrive.

We believe that a research building’s greatest amenities are the tenants themselves, and that what happens inside a building is what matters most. Every day, we are creating spaces, communities, and programs to grow thriving innovation communities, designed to inspire, connect, and support ongoing user success. Learn more and get to know Collaborative Real Estate.

Read an interview with Collaborative Real Estate’s Founder and CEO David Tyndall.





Elsevier plays a pivotal role in facilitating collaboration between academia and industry by harnessing the power of data analytics. With over 140 years of experience serving the global research and healthcare communities, Elsevier’s influence extends across 180 countries and regions. Annually, their high-quality journals publish approximately 630,000 articles, which contribute to over 17% of global articles and 28% of global citations, underscoring the significance of their contributions to research. Through sophisticated data analytics tools, Elsevier provides access to a vast repository of structured and unstructured content sources, comprising over 1.2 billion unique data points. This extensive database includes millions of authors, institutions, publication records, patents, drugs, grants, and policy documents, empowering stakeholders to make evidence-based decisions.

By offering access to such comprehensive datasets and analytical tools, Elsevier enables researchers and industry professionals to collaborate more effectively, leveraging data-driven insights to inform their decisions. Their commitment to open access and inclusive research practices fosters a culture of knowledge sharing, enabling diverse stakeholders to contribute to collective progress. Through these collaborative efforts, Elsevier strives to humbly contribute to the advancement of research and innovation, recognizing the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing societal challenges and driving meaningful impact. Learn more and download the report, View from the Top: Academic leaders’ and funders’ insights on the challenges ahead.

The 4th generation university model transcends conventional boundaries, championing an integrated approach to education, research, and innovation, with a strong focus on societal impact and regional development. Download Elsevier’s seminal report, Towards the 4th Generation University: The Transformative Role of TU/e in Delivering Innovation and Impact in the Eindhoven Region.







With nearly 40 years of experience and $1.5 billion in transactions, The University Financing Foundation is a non-profit developer and advisor focused on creating vibrant physical environments for institutions of education and research at below the cost of market. Through careful consideration of institutional program needs, we develop facilities that are more than just buildings. They are communities intentionally crafted to inspire creativity, stimulate economic growth, and accelerate innovation. Learn more about TUFF and UIDP.

As a mission-driven, not-for-profit organization, we deliver facilities by:

  • Identifying each institution’s unique attributes
  • Leveraging our own financial and intellectual resources
  • Creating tailored, below-market economic transaction structures for the facilities we own.


Wellspring provides open innovation software to research-focused higher education institutions and companies. Its software solutions are used by over 500 organizations every day for tech scouting, corporate venturing, licensing, and intellectual property management. Wellspring’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, hospitals, government agencies, and universities. See the 2023 R&D and Innovation Agenda and learn more.

Wellspring products include solutions for:

  • Technology Transfer,
  • Innovation Management,
  • Tech Scouting, and
  • IP Management

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    UIDP Webinar: Venture Capital and U-I Engagement

    Learn more about one of the most crucial funding sources for university start-ups. The webinar will provide insights on what may be expected of both company and university partners in the context of venture capital funding. Open to UIDP member and nonmember representatives.

  • 8/7/24
    UIDP Webinar: Bayer's B4U Program

    Learn more about a global one-on-one mentoring program that engages university partners and contributes to the development of the next generation of scientists by offering participating students soft-skill coaching and career-development advice. Open to UIDP member and nonmember representatives.