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UIDP Active Projects

UIDP Projects are activities that address a specific challenge or need affecting U-I partnerships and collaboration.

At UIDP, we identify challenges and crowd source solutions through our Project Process. Projects are both strategic and tactical in nature. UIDP Projects provide insights and approaches to support successful university-industry engagement in several areas. Click here to download a one-page overview of our projects and publications. Interested in our project process? Watch the video.


Contracting • Partnership Management & Research Administration •

Government Engagement & Economic Development • Workforce Development & Student Engagement


UIDP members are invited to propose new projects and to participate in existing projects. Any employee of a UIDP member organization is welcome to participate in UIDP projects. Want to engage by supporting a project? Learn about Project Accelerator Awards.


For member organizations seeking direct and confidential project-related services, UIDP can coordinate a consulting team in areas that align with our mission and goals. For more information, contact us at


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Revised Project Drafts

When you login, a read more link will appear at the end of this description. Use the Read More link to view the most recent set of project drafts. Submit your comments, and let us know how you would like to be involved.


Virtual Visits

Identifying techniques for capitalizing on the advantages of online U-I collaborative meetings while mitigating the challenges of not meeting in person


Industry Postdoc Programs

This project will create a quick guide that describes the various issues associated with establishing and operating a high performing industry based postdoctoral program.


Benchmarking Industry Investment in Universities

Industry investment in universities


Mapping Federal Funding Opportunities

Comprehensive list of funding opportunities from US federal agencies


Virtual Recruiting Strategies

Identifying the different ways in which a company can recruit students without showing up in-person on-campus.


Precompetitive Research & IP Approaches

Examining different IP terms used for pre-competitive research and the conditions for considering one approach over another.


Contractual Considerations Around the World

This project will seek to identify these country specific contracting issues and capture them as a standalone supplement to the strategic work covered in the Contract Accords.


Using Alumni Networks to Strengthen Industry Partnerships

This project will seek to add greater illumination on how to leverage alumni relationships to bolster UI collaborations and incorporate alumni engagement as part of overall partnerships.


Researcher Resources Learning Path

This project will collate UIDP resources targeted for researchers (with recommendations or key learnings) into one webpage in order to provide members with a “researcher learning path.”


Partnership Continuum

Identifying the mechanisms by which universities and industry can partner with each other to advance their interests. A critical assessment of this continuum of partnership possibilities will assist others in facilitating future partnerships.


Upfront IP Models

Exploring the benefits and limitations of conducting new contracting models with industry partners.


High Impact Industry Days

Exploring best practices to create effective “Industry Days” events.


Government Funding for U-I Collaborations

Identifying best practices for securing federal and state funding for U-I collaborative research


Strategic Roadmapping

Identifying techniques for linking the strategic vision of an organization to the development of organizational capabilities that enable meeting short- and long-term strategic goals


Academic Research Engagement Teams

Exploring the structure and function of University-Facing Industry Research Organizations


Master Research Agreements

Examining how master research agreements help companies and universities to deepen their strategic relationships and identifying the key elements that make Master Research Agreements successful.


Hosting Virtual Internships

An opportunity for corporate internship coordinators to share their experiences with converting their internships to a virtual format. Explore the value proposition and best practices for virtual internships.


Clinical Trials Terminology Glossary

Developing a standardized publicly accessible set of definitions for clinical trials terminology. The working group is also continuing its partnership with the CTSA CTA Working Group to develop a CRO version of the ACTA & ACDA. View the finalized ACTA and the organizations who have accepted it here.


UIDP COVID-19 Response Discussions

In an effort to assist UIDP members in their response to COVID-19, we are hosting a standing weekly call to address challenges that arise from the need to shift from in-person meetings to remote collaboration approaches.


Contract Accords

Tackling significant issues affecting university-industry sponsored research agreements and developing practical guidance and detailed reference material to help universities and companies address challenges in negotiating sponsored research agreements.


National Lab Project

Aggregating information on the mechanics of contracting with national laboratories in the context of a CRADA. Analyzing publication and patent data to better understand effective partnerships with national labs.


Partnership Showcase

Tapping into UIDP members’ real-world insight and experience to showcase examples of high-value, high-return partnerships with the goal of inspiring new, successful U-I collaborations.


Accelerated Clinical Trial Agreement (ACTA)

A standardized agreement for industry-sponsored, multi-site clinical trial studies, intended to reduce contracting delays. Developed in collaboration with Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) institutions. Click here to read publicly accessible information on this project.


Corporate Request for Proposals

A guide that identifies strategic approaches to help companies develop requests for proposals (RFPs) that target academic institutions and experts who meet specific research and development and commercialization needs.


University-Industry Visits: Maximizing the Outcomes

Identifying key issues to consider when planning and implementing strategic U-I visits.


Federal Flow-down Reference Guide

Strategies for understanding and dealing with government flow-down clauses between a prime contractor and its subcontractors.


Principled Partnerships: Reframing Conflict of Interest

A quick guide to help interested parties develop clear understanding about the importance of U-I research partnerships and how potential financial conflicts can be effectively addressed and managed.


Researcher Collaborative Visits Quick Guide

A guide that identifies the benefits, challenges and issues that must be addressed in order to provide maximal value to both parties engaged with researcher collaborative visits.


Researcher Guidebook + Quick Guide

A practical handbook to help active industrial and institutional researchers work together more effectively. The Quick Guide provides academic and industrial perspectives on key issues discussed at length in The Researcher Guidebook.


University Business Advising

A guide to University Business Advising (UBA), including practical steps and real-world examples of how to create or improve UBA programs in your workplace.


Maximizing the Benefits of Advisory Boards

Considering best practices for establishing university-industry advisory boards.


Networking with a Purpose: The Basics of Facilitated Serendipity

Understanding how events can be designed specifically for the purpose of increasing the likelihood that viable research collaborations will result.


PhD Student Internships in Industry

Understanding how companies and universities can integrate industry work experience into graduate education.


Joint Faculty Employment Between Companies and Universities

Explore the value, structure, and function of joint hires


Students & Contracting Issues

Clarifying the contracting issues related to student involvement in industry-sponsored research projects


Innovation Centers

Developing a catalog of the types of innovation centers that exist and explaining the different types.


Communicating Research Collaborations

Developing quick reference and in-depth resources for researchers to use when communicating university-industry research collaborations and their results.


Academic Medical Center-Industry Engagement Project

Maximizing academia's likelihood to secure partnerships with industry.


E-Magazine | U-I Connector Career Paths: Crossing Sectors, Creating Impact

In this emagazine, you’ll learn from survey results and from veterans of career transitions about the common threads of working in partnership roles across sectors.


Careers in Industry

Developing resources to assist university students in exploring and considering career opportunities in industry.


Corporate Affiliate Programs Guide

Determining best practices for establishing and sustaining corporate affiliate programs at universities


Industry-Sponsored Undergraduate Capstone Projects

Examining the key elements of undergraduate capstone projects funded by industry.


Public Dedication of Intellectual Property

Providing an alternative approach for managing foreground intellectual property generated from industry sponsored research agreements.


Effective Practices for Strong U-I Partnerships

Identifying the top characteristics, features, and practices that make companies and universities easy to work with.


Co-Locating Industry on University Campuses

Reviewing current practices of companies co-locating staff on university campuses, with the goal of articulating the advantages, drawbacks, risk and benefits of academic institutions providing on-campus physical space to corporate entities.


Collaboration Metrics Quick Guide

A robust menu of metrics that can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of specific U-I collaborations and guidance on how to use metrics to promote strong partnerships.


Comparing Internal Structures

Helping companies and universities understand the internal structures and functions that affect U-I partnerships.


Corporate Affiliate Programs List

UIDP is offering a comprehensive list of different corporate affiliate programs our University members offer and their features.

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