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UIDP Project Accelerator Awards

UIDP Projects

UIDP Projects are activities that address a specific challenge or need affecting U-I partnerships and collaboration. More information on the project process can be found here.

Project Accelerator Awards

UIDP Project Accelerator Awards are member and UIDP stakeholder financial investments in the UIDP project process. They are designed to provide necessary funding to advance and support important university-industry collaboration and initiatives.

Project Accelerator Awards provide funding for:

  • UIDP projects (under development or approved) where internal support proves insufficient to successfully undertake or complete the projects as desired;
  • Ongoing projects that may develop into a more comprehensive scope, requiring additional resources to complete;
  • Projects requiring an accelerated completion date to meet a new deadline or target;
  • Additional funding needed to fully meet our members’ needs;
  • Time sensitive projects to address a critical or urgent demand; and
  • Special projects and initiatives.

Flexible Process

UIDP provides tailored approaches to meet the needs of our member and stakeholder organizations and works with these parties to determine the best way to secure project support.

  • Award levels are determined by organizations providing support.
  • Awards can be provided in a single lump sum or via incremental payments.
  • Supporters determine whether they wish to be recognized as project investors or remain anonymous.