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U-I Connector Career Paths: Crossing Sectors, Creating Impact

The career path for those working at the intersection of university-industry-government research partnerships is not well defined. Whatever the role—researcher, program leader, corporate/academic relations, tech scout or manager, or workforce and talent development—understanding the goals and priorities across sectors is a net gain for career advancement. But for those who want to make the leap across sectors—university, industry, or government—the terrain is largely uncharted.


In this emagazine, you’ll learn from survey results and from veterans of career transitions about the common threads of working in partnership roles across sectors. Read the thoughtful perspectives from a baker’s dozen first-person interviews that offer valuable context for the survey results and real-world tips for those who want to leverage their experience to grow and thrive in their careers.


Download the emagazine. Individual stories are linked below, or read onscreen.