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Meetings & Events

Tallahassee Regional Assembly

Florida State University 600 W College Avenue, Tallahassee, FL

This informational and interactive meeting will focus on ways to build north Florida's entrepreneurial base to catalyze future expansion.

UIDP Tokyo Forum

Ito International Research Center The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Learn more about contemporary collaboration efforts in the Japan and East Asia and benchmarking against global efforts.

UIDP London Forum 2023

National Physical Laboratory Teddington , United Kingdom

Join research and partnership professionals from academia, industry, and government to examine the future potential impact of national laboratories in the research landscape.

RTP 2023 Regional Assembly

SAS 820 SAS Campus Drive, Cary, NC, United States

This informational meeting will focus on harnessing the recent growth of the RTP ecosystem to catalyze future expansion.

Connecticut Regional Assembly

Maurice R. Greenberg Conference Center 391 Prospect Street, New Haven, CT

The focus of this meeting is to discuss pathways for collaborating on climate-related research in Connecticut and the surrounding region.