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Access the University-Industry Engagement Advisor Today!

UIDP provides members resources to stay at the forefront of the U-I Interface.

You may have heard of the University-Industry Engagement Advisor, published by 2Market Information offering practical news about topics involving:

  • high-level strategies and best practices involving contracts
  • U-I negotiation deals
  • university relationships with corporate sponsors
  • intellectual property
  • compliance practices and more.

What you may not have known. While others pay for subscriptions to the University-Industry Engagement Advisor, the UIDP has partnered with 2Market Information to provide members a subscription for free! (More about the partnership between 2Market Information Inc. + UIDP. )

Access your copy on myUIDP , a platform providing a host of tools and services found in the Members’ Only Resource Center.

See below for a visual of where to find myUIDP in the Resource Center and for convenience, click here to login to myUIDP now, using your member credentials:

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