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Building Relationships Within the Partnership

If you participate in our partnership’s activities, you quickly understand that the UIDP bond between university and company members is truly unique. This atmosphere is essential for breaking down collaboration barriers, sharing best practices and creating partnerships. To enhance opportunities for members to connect, we have added new tools to the members-only resource center.

Use myUIDP to grow your network with other UIDP members.

Step 1: Access the myUIDP Directory Search tool.

myUIDP is located in the members-only resource center. For convenience, access this tool directly at Members use these credentials to log in:

Username: your professional email address

Password: password1

Step 2: Find the people you want to connect with.

Select the Directory Search feature to perform a Basic or an Advanced Search.

Pro -Tip: Use a pre-defined search category in the Advanced Search tab for a larger list.

Step 3: Use tools to build and grow your network.

After you have narrowed down your search, send a member a personal message and connect with them on the platform. This will add their contact information to your connection list for future reference.

We hope you enjoy collaborating using myUIDP – A Member Directory & Online Community.

Learn more about myUIDP collaboration tools.