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NSF TIP Directorate and Regional Innovation Engines

NSF TIP’s Erwin Gianchandani presents his thoughts on innovation and partnership and the Regional Innovation Engines program.

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Chris Ramming UIDP video

VMware’s Chris Ramming on the value of cross-sector collaboration

Chris Ramming, senior director of research at VMware, sat down for an interview with UIDP to share his perspective on how industry works cross-sector—with universities and with the National Science […]

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Theresa Mayer, Purdue

Purdue University’s Theresa Mayer on creating an innovation ecosystem

Theresa Mayer, Purdue, speaks to creating an innovation ecosystem by aligning academic space with industry and economic development.

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Video: Five Ways to Nail Industry Presentations (2020)

Leverages humor to highlight the common mistakes you’ll never make again. View and share! For sponsored research PIs all over.

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NSF Convergence Accelerator

NSF is expanding its convergence accelerator and is looking for good ideas for its next convergence accelerator topics. Learn more in UIDP’s newest video with Evan Heit, NSF and Tony Boccanfuso, UIDP.

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Indiana University & Duke Energy: Maximizing the Outcomes from U-I Visits

Learn how UIDP member Indiana University and longtime partner, Duke Energy continue to work together to grow their strategic partnership.

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How to Use the Message Feature on MyUIDP

This video will teach you how to Login to myUIDP, Use the Basic Directory Search and Send a personal message to another member representative

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Graphic for Partnering at the U-I Interface video

Partnering at the U-I interface: the BASF & UC San Diego Partnership

UIDP member reps Chris Hewitt (BASF) and Anne O’Donnell share their perspectives on how the BASF & UC San Diego partnership has developed over time.

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UIDP26 Highlights

Take a minute to watch our UIDP26 highlights video featuring shots from the sessions and interviews with a few meeting attendees.

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Five Ways to Identify New Partners with UIDP

The UIDP can help its members identify new partners for collaboration. Learn more in this video and contact UIDP for help.

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