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Contract Accord 4: Other Research Results

Accord Revision Date: September 2019 Page Updated: January 2020 ©2020 University-Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP). Please refer to the copyright and disclosure statement for UIDP Contract Accords usage and rights.   […]


Contracting Basics II (2019)

Negotiation of research agreements is an integral aspect of U-I partnerships. This webinar provided basic information to ensure that the needs of both parties are met regarding background intellectual property, foreground intellectual property, software/copyrights, and other research results.

Contract Accords 1-10

Contract Accord 4: Other Research Results (ORR)

This video covers Contract Accord 4: Other Research Results (ORR). Sponsored research produces results in a variety of forms. Other Research Results (ORR) include tangible (TORR) and intangible (IORR) results […]

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