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UIDP Webinar Recording: Legislative Efforts to Address Security Concerns

View the June 9 webinar with Leslee Gilbert, Van Scoyoc Associates, discussing the USICA

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UIDP Conversations | Natascha Eckert on long-term partnerships and promoting women in tech leadership

Natascha Eckert, Siemens, on the elements of mature university-industry partnerships and promoting women in tech leadership.

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Partnering at the U-I interface: the Princeton & Siemens Partnership

UIDP member reps Spencer Reynolds (Princeton) and Arturo Pizano (Siemens) share perspectives on how the Princeton & Siemens partnership has developed.

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Siemens and UNC Charlotte: Collaboration in Action

The relationship between Siemens and UNC Charlotte has evolved into a true strategic partnership. This video, produced by the two organizations, is the first in a series of videos showcasing UIDP member organizations’ U-I collaboration successes.

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