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Academic Research Engagement Teams (ARET)

Exploring the structure and function of the academic-facing portion of a corporate research organization


Avenues for Engagement: Ways that Companies Invest in Universities

Helping companies identify and optimize their research engagements with universities This quick guide is intended to assist companies as they consider the ways that they invest in universities. Whether a company funds a student competition or they focus strictly on sponsored research, this resource is intended to be a brief reference that corporate representatives can […]


Government Funding for U-I Collaborations Guide

This guide addresses the process and resources associated with U-I collaboration to gain funding.

Students and contracting

Students and Contracting Issues: Student Engagement in Industry Sponsored Research Conducted at U.S. Colleges and Universities

A quick reference for legal and policy driven expectations around student involvement in industry sponsored collaborations. Students are an integral part of many, if not most, research projects conducted at colleges and universities in the United States. Students may participate in research as learners, university employees, or as both. The Students & Contracting Issues Quick […]


Networking with a Purpose: The Basics of Facilitated Serendipity

How to encourage serendipity in U-I collaboration and the role ‘connectors’ play in identifying collaborative opportunities. By striking a balance between structured, content driven sessions and open ended, small group discussion, serendipity is more likely to occur. Likewise, the participants in an event play an important role. This publication highlights the different people who could […]


Indiana University & Duke Energy: Maximizing the Outcomes from U-I Visits

Learn how UIDP member Indiana University and longtime partner, Duke Energy continue to work together to grow their strategic partnership.

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Catalyzing U-I Engagement

Catalyzing U-I Engagement Workshop (2013)

Workshop summary from meeting about catalyzing U-I Engagement to Promote the Nation’s Competitiveness.