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Future of Work Session Materials

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation, award #1939612 

U-I Partnerships and The Future of Work at the Human-Technology Frontier

UIDP created a series of events with the aim of gathering academic and corporate input on the topic of the Future of Work. Because of its potential to dramatically affect all aspects of our lives, the Future of Work is receiving significant attention and generating new initiatives, programs, and investments across all sectors.

Participants in this event series considered research topics and identified areas where collaborations will yield the most impactful results.

This series began with a kickoff event at the University of Oxford where international academic, corporate and government decisionmakers identified “wants” for heightened academic-corporate engagement. Followed by a series of five Listening Sessions at locations across the U.S. researchers and practitioners shared their perspectives. The series concluded with a workshop hosted by Bose and UMass in Framingham, MA on November 13, 2019.

Download the Future of Work Reports & Presentations below.


University of OxfordJuly 31– Aug. 2, 2019

University of Central Florida – September 24, 2019

Case Western Reserve University – October 1, 2019

Dartmouth College – October 10, 2019

UC San Diego – October 15, 2019

University of Kansas – October 17, 2019

University of Massachusetts with BoseNovember 13, 2019

NSF Convergence Accelerator: Industry-University Partnerships and the Future of Work Listening Sessions Report – July 6, 2021


University of Oxford

University of Central Florida

UC San Diego

Case Western Reserve University

Dartmouth College

University of Kansas

University of Massachusetts with Bose