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September 5, 2018
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT
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The Center for Advanced Research in Drying (CARD): An NSF Industry-University Cooperative Research Center Webinar

September 5, 2018 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT

Drying of moist, porous materials is one of the most energy-intensive processes in manufacturing. Outside of the U.S., many countries have already established research centers dedicated to finding energy-efficient alternatives for drying processes. The stakes are high for U.S. manufacturing companies in a wide range of industries, including paper and forestry products, food and agriculture, chemicals, textiles, and biopharmaceuticals.

Using existing processes, drying moist, porous materials accounts for a significant portion of all of the energy used by U.S. manufacturing corporations. The environmental impact is significant. To meet corporate social responsibility mandates — and possible future regulatory requirements — U.S. manufacturers must invest today in developing breakthrough processes that reduce this adverse environmental impact.

CARD’s mission is to achieve transformative breakthroughs in drying technologies. We expect these technologies will have a profound impact on U.S. manufacturing capabilities. Major innovations in this field, when commercialized, will positively affect production costs, process efficiency, energy sustainability, and product quality.


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About CARD

The Center for Advanced Research in Drying (CARD) is a National Science Foundation (NSF)-Sponsored Industry-University Cooperative Research Center (IUCRC) devoted to research in drying of moist, porous materials such as food and other agricultural products, forestry products, chemical products, textiles, and biopharmaceuticals.

Who Should Participate?

Technology managers and people involved in saving energy and improving product quality for the products and processing lines at their companies. CARD’s focus is helping companies build and maintain competitive advantage in their production processes through adoption of novel technology, improved product quality and throughput, and building the next generation workforce.

Webinar Overview

This webinar will provide insight into CARD’s operations, funding, intellectual property, project selection and management.


Mark Lippi, CARD Program Manager, is an Institute of Food Technologists Certified Food Scientist and a 30-year veteran of the food industry. Mark worked for several Fortune 500 food companies and led research activities for Keebler Cookie and Cracker brands for over 10 years. Now owner of MSSL, LLC, a consulting company in the food industry, Mark is a key link between industry and academia for CARD.




Sheyla Ramsay, CARD IAB Chair, is a Senior Technical Leader at PepsiCo Research and Development. Sheyla joined PepsiCo’ s Frito-Lay R&D department in 1997 and has successfully led and contributed to several product launches within the Oven Baked brand in potato chip, tortilla chip and extrusion platforms. She currently serves as Baking and Dehydration SME in the Global process function team. Prior to joining PepsiCo, she was an assistant professor of Chemical Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology. Sheyla holds a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from Colorado State University.


Participation is free.

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Additional Information

Webinar: UIDP at

About the NSF IUCRC Centers Webinar Series: Hosted by Iowa State and UIDP, The NSF IUCRC Program is supporting a new initiative to feature up to 10 IUCRC Centers in public webinars hosted by Join us for bi-monthly, hour-long webinars to learn more about IUCRC Centers. During the webinars, leading researchers from the various sites will provide a brief overview of the current R&D efforts followed by an open discussion period where attendees can ask questions of the presenters.

For those unable to attend a webinar, all sessions will be recorded for future viewing. Participation is free.

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