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UIDP Webinar: Finding Order in Chaos

May 1, 2019 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT

This webinar shares an approach for technical problem solving that efficiently and effectively identifies “out of the box” solutions.

The approach is particularly effective for large, diverse groups, such as are common in university-industry partnerships. A key element is creation of functional maps which help enroll and focus all team members on the problem to be solved and identify new spaces to study for solutions. Participants will learn the approach and how it can be used to find order in the chaos of problem solving. Participants will also get an overview of how the approach can lead to stronger Intellectual Property.

As an introduction to the approach, see the first 3 articles in this link.

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Mark Kline is the founder of The Solution Infusion. Mark has passion & capability to help others find solutions to tough technical problems & secure strong IP protection for them, as well as to help others strengthen their skills in these areas. From his 30+ year career in Research & Development, he has over 125 granted patents which have had significant positive business impact (over $1 billion in incremental profit).

He is known as:

  • A naturally creative & divergent thinker who finds solutions others would miss & tends to find a full spectrum of solutions (vs. a single one)
  • An Intellectual Property expert from an inventor’s point of view & has partnered with Attorneys to strengthen IP positions, formulate cases, and provide expert technical support in litigation & office actions
  • Passionate & capable teacher and mentor with a strong desire to see others excel. His training sessions are high energy & focused to ensure participants learn to excel in their role. His mentoring further drives career & skill development

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