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Center for the Science of Heterogeneous Additive Printing of 3D Materials (SHAP3D): An NSF Industry-University Cooperative Research Center Webinar

April 17, 2019 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT

The Center for the Science of Heterogeneous Additive Printing of 3D Materials (SHAP3D), a National Science Foundation and industry-funded research center, brings the innovation research capabilities of leading universities to serve the diverse interests of industry, government, and academia to address fundamental research challenges to meet the commercial needs of industry for heterogeneous 3D printing of materials.

SHAP3D will accelerate expansion and competitiveness of the domestic AM industry and its customers by addressing two critical market needs: (1) the growth of AM into more complex topologies, heterogeneous, and multi-functional applications that command high margins commensurate with their increased performance, and (2) the expansion of AM into lower-margin industries via order-of-magnitude improvements in throughput, material-per-performance cost reductions, and ease-of-use design rules that enable industry to rapidly adopt advanced techniques. SHAP3D will train a technically oriented workforce with industrial perspective through the close collaboration between industry and academia.

This webinar will provide a concise overview of SHAP3D’s mission, operation, funding, intellectual property, project selection, and management.

Who Should Participate?

Representatives from

  • Company and National Laboratories;
  • University researchers with similar interests;
  • Government officials who support programs in this area; and
  • Any company or organization exploring the economic possibilities and current technical restraints of heterogeneous 3D printing of materials.

Participation is free. Registration information will be posted soon. 

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Joey Mead, SHAP3D Director, is a Distinguished University Professor and the David and Frances Pernick Nanotechnology Professor in the Department of Plastics Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. She is also Director of the Nanomanufacturing Center at UMass Lowell and was previously the Deputy Director of the NSF Center for High-rate Manufacturing. She received the George Stafford Whitby Award for Distinguished Teaching & Research in 2018 from the Rubber Division of the American Chemical Society. Her research interests include nanomanufacturing and printing of polymeric materials, structure-properties of polymers, elastomers, and thermoplastic elastomers.

Christopher Hansen, SHAP3D UMass Lowell Site Director, is Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at UMass Lowell. He is the Co-Director for Safer Materials at the Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI), a state organization focused on industry-oriented safer materials solutions. His research interests include novel material formulations and processing techniques for additive manufacturing, automated manufacture of fiber-reinforced composite materials, multi-functional composites processing, toxics use reduction-oriented reformulations, and engineering education around project- and design-oriented learning. He received the 2014 NASA Early Career Faculty Award for his work on lightweight lattice-based structures.

Additional Information

Webinar: UIDP at

SHAP3D: Joey Mead at 


About the NSF IUCRC Centers Webinar Series: Hosted by Iowa State and UIDP, the NSF IUCRC Program is supporting a new initiative to feature up to 10 IUCRC Centers in public webinars hosted by Join us for bi-monthly, hour-long webinars to learn more about IUCRC Centers. During the webinars, leading researchers from the various sites will provide a brief overview of the current R&D efforts followed by an open discussion period where attendees can ask questions of the presenters.

For those unable to attend a webinar, all sessions will be recorded for future viewing. 

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