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UIDP Invitation Only Events

You have been invited to a UIDP invitation-only event.  The invitation message that you received identifies the event and the registration fee for attending the event.  You may pay the registration fee by check or by credit card.


Please make checks payable to UIDP or University Industry Demonstration Partnership and mail them to the attention of:

Julie Chavis
Scott & Company
1441 Main Street, Suite 800
PO Box 8388
Columbia, SC 29202

Please identify the event in the correspondence accompanying the check.  If you have requested and received an invoice for the registration fee payment, please include the UIDP invoice number in the note area of the check or in the correspondence accompanying the check.

Credit card

Click here to be redirected to a secure checkout to process your payment.  Please select the appropriate event from the pull-down list and enter the registration fee amount provide in the invitation message in the appropriate field.