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More Knowledge Exchange Opportunities for UIDP Members

It’s no secret that one of the key benefits of participation with UIDP is the wealth of information the partnership offers. Members’ have long used UIDP’s semi-annual conferences, projects, webinars, and workshops to exchange knowledge. Now, there are even more opportunities for members to share and collaborate as a community!

We’ve added myUIDP, a members’ online community and directory, to our collaboration tool-kit for even more sharing opportunities.

Here’s what you can do to get the conversations started on myUIDP:

First steps

Login here to update Your Member Profile–Choose your UIDP interests and job field category to receive relevant opportunities and recommendations to connect with others who have similar roles and interests.

Create a post to drive the conversation

It’s easy– navigate to My Feed and post in “What’s going on today?”. Try asking for input, socializing a concept or providing an “aha” moment to kickstart collaborative discussions.

Connect with someone new 

Find a member representative using the Directory Search and send them a Private Message. UIDP keeps contact information private, but other representatives will receive your note via email with the opportunity to respond. Learn it minutes– watch the tutorial.

We’re here to help you grow your knowledge and your network within the university-industry collaboration space but it’s up to you to get the conversations started on myUIDP today!