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A New Way To Connect To Your UIDP Network

In early 2018, we’re launching myUIDP, an online platform to help you get the most out of your membership in UIDP, as individuals and organizations.

In myUIDP, you’ll be able to tailor your experience and connect to the opportunities, activities, resources, and other members that you’re interested in, and that support your rationale for membership.

UIDP Members will be able to:

  • Join Topic Groups on subjects you’re interested in
  • Participate in active UIDP Projects and learn best-practice partnering strategies
  • Collaborate with other member representatives in Groups and online Forums
  • Use existing UIDP resources to develop deeper understanding of the contemporary issues affecting collaborations, and strategies to tackle opportunities and challenges
  • Crowdsource solutions for challenges faced by you and your peers in our online Groups
  • Access UIDP publications, webinars, and other content to help in with your tactical day-to-day and longer-term planning activities

We’ll be posting more detailed updates about the functionality in myUIDP over the coming weeks.

Beta testing is almost over

We’ve been running beta tests of the system for several weeks with the members of several committees, given us the opportunity to test the systems before we rollout the platform in the new year.

Why myUIDP?

We chose the name myUIDP to represent each member rep’s individual rationale for UIDP membership and because the platform gives users the ability to maximize their opportunities, activities, resources, and connections in a way that makes sense to them. We hope each of our member representatives make this platform their hub for online collaboration with myUIDP.

 If you have any questions about myUIDP, contact Angie,

 myUIDP: facilitating member connections all year long