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What makes a good collaborative partnership at the U-I interface?

UIDP releases two new partnership videos in which member reps share how their strategic partnerships began and continue to flourish today

At UIDP26 in April, we took the opportunity to sit down with a few member reps to discuss two real-life U-I engagements in action: how they began, what they look like today, and how UIDP played a role in their evolution.

BASF & UC San Diego

Princeton & Siemens


Special thanks to Chris Hewitt (BASF), Anne O’Donnell (UC San Diego), Spencer Reynolds (Princeton), and Arturo Pizano (Siemens) for their willingness to share their experience with us all.

If you and a university or industry partner would like to tape the story of your partnership at an upcoming UIDP meeting, please contact us at