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T-Summit 2016 Videos: National Town Hall & Keynote Speaker

In March, the UIDP co-hosted T-Summit 2016 with the Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable (GUIRR) and the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

T-Summit 2016 promised and delivered s a set of informative, provocative and collaborative discussions through a mix of keynotes and workshops to advance the T-shaped concept and provide actionable ideas for those who attended.

Individuals who possess “T-shaped” skills are in high demand. Such individuals – those with a broad set of interdisciplinary collaboration skills (the top of the “T”) and a depth of disciplinary, process, and/or product knowledge (the “T” stem) – are best able to navigate and solve disruptive shifts in business, technology and society.  These people excel at teamwork, effectively harness diverse experiences, and link up different perspectives from different specialties.  In an era of rapid change, employers in all sectors are actively building their T-workforce.

Below are two videos from the event. Enjoy!

Keynote Session: Tim Sands, Virginia Tech

National Town Hall

Moderator: Katherine Frase (IBM)
Panelists:Christine Ortiz (MIT) &  Richard Miller (President, Olin College of Engineering),
Introduction: Tony Boccanfuso (UIDP)