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UI Collab: Deep expertise in the university-industry collaboration space

July 3, 2023 — Since its inception within the U.S. National Academies in 2006, UIDP has been dedicated to harnessing the collective wisdom of university-industry pros to develop and then share principles, processes, and guidance that benefit the broader community. Efforts to maximize cross-sector research partnerships are strengthened by understanding the goals, expectations, and limitations that both sectors bring to the table.

Over the years, UIDP member organizations have requested custom services and expert advice to address challenges particular to their organizations. It’s an honor to tailor solutions to meet a specific need, but UIDP is laser-focused on contributing to the body of knowledge for university-industry partnership writ large. At the same time, the drive to meet our members’ needs is in our DNA.

A new solution is UI Collab, a consulting firm with deep expertise to tailor solutions to your needs, strengthen partnership structures and functions, assess innovation ecosystem strengths and distill strategies for growth, and boost partnership management and contracting capabilities in research organizations.

Experts in your corner

UI Collab’s consultant team packs a punch. It’s an unparalleled group of professionals from both university and industry sectors with a combined 275+ years of experience in university-industry partnerships. Pioneers in corporate engagement and global innovation bring incredible expertise to UI Collab, like Lubab Sheet-Davis (corporate innovation), Karl Koster (industry engagement), Stewart Witzeman (U-I strategy and metrics), and Ed Krause (R&D strategy).  Perspectives from different sectors and specialty practice areas mean UI Collab can serve an array of clients, from companies and universities to nonprofits and other research institutions. UI Collab will also seek partners with expertise for major initiatives to complement and expand these offerings.

Maybe you’re looking to roadmap your innovation strategy, or you need to benchmark your program and identify growth areas. Whatever solution you seek, you now have a dozen UI Collab consultants who have been there, done that. Years of experience shaping university-industry partnerships and working on UIDP projects to articulate best practices in metrics, partnership structure and dynamics, and incubating innovation enable UI Collab’s consultants to help you achieve your goals.

Why it matters

Today’s innovation landscape is rapidly changing, and university-industry research partnerships are uniquely positioned to drive innovation and discovery. With more collaboration and increased funding on the line, realizing the value from cross-sector partnership is critical. UI Collab was established to help organizations navigate the complexities of university-industry engagement and enhance the societal impact. Its deep connection with UIDP brings a unique combination of experience, knowledge, and tools to achieve meaningful impact.

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