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UIDP incorporated as free-standing organization

_AAH4920The UIDP, convened in 2006 as a project of the NAS’s Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable (GUIRR), is a forum where representatives from academia and industry work to strengthen their methods of collaboration and partnership on research and educational endeavors.

GUIRR and UIDP plan to co-host periodic meetings and workshops, and cooperate on selected projects, on topics of interest to the academic and corporate sectors. The signed agreement calls for ongoing information exchange and mutual effort to reinforce the groups’ contributions on scientific matters of national importance.

“The transition of the UIDP to independent status signals its strong success in providing services to its member companies and universities, and in disseminating excellent materials to the broader academic and industrial communities,” said Susan Sauer Sloan, Director of GUIRR, which includes many organizations involved in UIDP activities.

UIDP President Tony Boccanfuso said, “Over the past decade, GUIRR carefully incubated the UIDP mission of fostering better ways of university-industry collaboration to advance science, to encourage innovation for the public good, and to help create an educated workforce.”

UIDP projects and working groups are member-driven, developing and conveying publications, tools and best practices via workshops, webinars and conferences for the benefit of both members and non-members. UIDP is headquartered in Washington, DC.


For more information, contact:
Sara Frueh
Media Relations Officer
National Academy of Sciences
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Rebecca Johnston
UIDP Representative
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