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UIDP publishes 10 project resources in FY2021

FY2021 was a record-breaking year for UIDP projects. Since July 2020, the team, led by Senior Project Advisor Kristina Thorsell, has brought 10 projects to completion. Each project is led by university and industry member representatives who meet with their peers to examine a challenge to U-I collaboration, explore solutions, and distill their combined knowledge in a project report or other deliverable.

Below are links to each project publication and a brief description of the topic they illuminate. Members are encouraged to download and take advantage of the best practices and guidance they offer. Need a login? Please contact us.

Comparing Internal Structures: This guide is intended to help companies and universities understand the internal structures and functions that affect U-I partnerships and to enhance the understanding of the various roles and responsibilities within universities and companies.

University and Industry Visits: Maximizing the Outcomes: This Quick Guide identifies the key issues to consider when planning and implementing strategic U-I visits.

Corporate Affiliate Programs List: In-depth list of different corporate affiliate programs at UIDP member universities. You will find the submitted CAP programs sorted by industry sector or technical focus. Additionally, UIDP has compiled information on key characteristics such as cost, IP preference, and student involvement.

Joint Faculty Employment Between Companies and Universities: This project explores the value, structure, and function of joint hires, as well as identifies the key considerations that are necessary to ensure effective outcomes.

COVID-19 Response Report: In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, UIDP hosted seven weekly calls to address challenges that arise from the need to shift from in-person meetings to remote collaboration approaches and to crowdsource ideas and solutions. Using the findings from these discussions, UIDP created a report on how companies and universities adapted and what the university-industry partnership landscape looks like moving forward.

Students & Contracting Issues Quick Guide: Highlights key contracting issues that come up when a student participates in industry-sponsored research. This quick guide is intended to assist company representatives in understanding university policies that will influence their work with students. It is also a great primer for new corporate relations and contracting staff at universities.

Networking with a Purpose: The basics of facilitated serendipity: Understanding how to encourage serendipity in U-I collaboration, including the roles that connectors and others play in identifying collaborative opportunities. The guide also details how meetings and events can be designed to increase the likelihood that viable collaborations will result. This publication is particularly useful for industry representatives who recently transitioned from a primarily research focused role to one that includes building partnerships with universities.

Hosting Virtual Internships: Insights and Recommendations Based upon UIDP Member Experiences during 2020: Provides insight from UIDP member’s experiences in converting internships to a virtual format and exploring the value proposition and best practices for future virtual internships.

15 Effective Practices for Strong U-I Partnerships: This publication highlights different approaches that make collaborative relationships more effective. It also includes case studies that highlight the value of these practices in action.

Collaboration Metrics Quick Guide: This QG provides a comprehensive menu of metrics that companies and universities can use to evaluate their U-I partnerships. The QG also discusses how to use metrics and which offices/departments may already be tracking them.