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UIDP Request for Information: HBCU President Perspectives eMagazine

To receive full consideration, email proposal to by 5 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 15, 2022.  | Download the RFI

UIDP desires to contract with an independent media/communication firm or individual to develop an electronic publication that will feature the 11 High Research Activity (R2) designated HBCUs. The publication will highlight the research capacity and research strategic goals and focus areas of the universities as presented through the voice of the institution’s president/chief executive. Firms responding to this RFI are asked to provide a price quote, at least two previous work samples of content similar in scope of this effort, and a statement of work, including a timeline for submission.


Companies are interested in deepening engagement with historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in areas that support business goals and result in positive outcomes for the HBCUs. An increasing number of companies wish to pursue collaborative research partnerships with HBCUs in addition to talent recruitment efforts. However, HBCUs face a unique set of challenges to identify partnerships and collaboration opportunities that best align with their goals and resource capacity capabilities (e.g., faculty research areas and availability, lab facilities, etc.). As a result, companies that have robust research collaborations with larger universities struggle to effectively identify capabilities and aligned research goals, a necessary step to partner with HBCUs. The purpose of this project is to conduct market research with HBCUs and produce engaging information content, with an aim to provide industry (and other interested parties) with the necessary contextual and research capability information to support fruitful HBCU research collaborations or partnerships.


UIDP seeks to provide information to its members and other interested parties on the research focus areas of the university while showcasing the universities for potential research partnership opportunities.


The selected firm will work on behalf of UIDP to provide the following services.

  1. Perform data gathering and research via interviews with administrative staff and faculty at the 11 R2 HBCUs. UIDP will aid in the introduction of university contacts as required.
  2. Utilize data gathered to develop and prepare 11 articles, each of about 600-800 words in length, as well as standard information for a table (categories may include centers of excellence, key faculty information, current areas of faculty research, etc.).


The selected contractor will be required to provide the following information in the performance of the contract:

  1. Audio recordings of all university interviews
  2. Submission of at least 1 draft for review and feedback of each university article prior to final article completion and two rounds of edits
  3. 10 articles that are ready for publication. Word Length is limited to 600-800 words. Article format must meet UIDP Style guide requirements, delivered in Microsoft Word format (nolayout required).
  4. Market information gathered on each HBCU’s research strengths, delivered in Excel.

NOTE: The contractor will be provided details about photography expectations to communicate to the interviewees but will not be responsible for taking photographs. Publication layout is not included as part of this RFI.

Download the full RFI