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UIDP Completes Transition to Independence


University Industry Demonstration Partnership completes transition from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 1, 2015. The University Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP) today completes its move into operation as an independent, non-profit organization.

A recognized leader in addressing issues impacting university-industry (U-I) partnership and collaboration, the UIDP provides a unique forum for member representatives to find better ways to work together.

“Over the past decade, the UIDP has gone from strength to strength” says Tony Boccanfuso, the UIDP’s President. “Today, we have our largest membership base, comprising some of the finest innovation companies and best research universities in the world; our financial position is strong; and our productivity is unmatched in terms of generating new knowledge on how to approach U-I collaboration. This was the right time to transition to independence.”

The UIDP was convened in 2006 as an activity of the Academies under the administration of the Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable (GUIRR). Last October, with the Academies’ encouragement and support, the UIDP Board unanimously voted in favor of shifting the UIDP and its activities to an independent, non-profit organization.

“The UIDP was commissioned by the Academies and we look forward to continuing to partner with GUIRR and the NAS in the years ahead,” says Karl Koster, the UIDP’s Presiding Chair and Executive Director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Office of Corporate Relations.

As part of this continued collaboration, the UIDP will co-host T-Summit 2016 with GUIRR and the Academies next March. The Board is also looking at ways to expand the UIDP’s activities to include more regional meetings and workshops and the development of more resources to serve practitioners working at the U-I interface.

Koster continues, “By becoming independent, we ensure the UIDP has the strategic and operational freedom required to respond more quickly to opportunities; provide greater member services and value; and continue to inspire and drive change in how universities and industry partner.”

The UIDP’s member representatives initiate projects to address specific challenges affecting U-I partnerships, resulting in proofs of concept and unique insights for U-I collaboration going forward.

“All UIDP activities must advance member interests and we expect our member representatives to get involved with projects,” says Debbie Radasch, the UIDP’s Incoming Chair and Director, Strategic Universities for the Boeing Research & Technology organization. “The organization has developed a global reputation for challenging the status quo in the U-I space by being focused on solving problems and not just talking about them. This is a direct result of the active participation and engagement of our members.”

At any given time, the UIDP has a set of active, diverse projects underway. In the past year, the UIDP has initiated five new projects on a variety of topics, including collaboration metrics, clinical trial terminology, and engagement with the national labs; and four new project products are nearing publication. Learn more about UIDP Projects here and access UIDP resources here.


At the UIDP, we have different perspectives and one focus: improving University-Industry (U-I) partnerships. The UIDP is a unique project-oriented forum where representatives from Academia and Industry seek opportunities to develop new approaches to working together. Our membership comprises some of the finest innovation companies and best research universities in the world: organizations committed to active participation in pursuit of excellence in U-I collaboration and partnership. At the UIDP, we don’t just talk about problems, we solve them. University Industry Demonstration Partnership • •

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