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UIDP Webinars

Want to present a webinar? UIDP can host!

UIDP provides webinar services to both members and non‐members who want to share information and ideas that are relevant to the academic and corporate sectors and other interested parties. Each webinar is personalized to meet the needs and goals of both the hosts and attendees. UIDP assists in the planning, publicizing, and execution of the live event. UIDP offers both free and premium webinars that are designed to maximize attendance and bring value to everyone involved. Click here to view a sample webinar. If you are interested, please fill out the webinar proposal form below:

Webinar Proposal Form

Benefits of Presenting a Webinar:

Presenting a UIDP webinar:

  • is a great way to showcase your research center/research needs and promote your programs to top-tier universities, companies, government agencies, and other organizations;
  • is a great way to promote an RFP;
  • will provide a valued resource to the U-I community and establish you and your organization as a catalyst to fruitful U-I collaborations; and
  • strengthens current partnerships and forges new ones.

Choose Your Webinar Service:

UIDP webinars are typically one-hour and held mid-week between Noon-2 pm ET to best accommodate different time zones. Presentations generally last between 30-40 minutes with the remaining time allotted for Q&A from the audience. UIDP is flexible in adjusting the time and date, however, please keep in mind that this may affect registration numbers and live attendance. Please see our webinar offerings below:

Free and Premium Webinar Services

Free UIDP Member WebinarPremium UIDP Webinar
Member: $1,500
Non-Member: $4,000
Presentation FormatUIDP will host the webinar and will recruit a moderator to open/close the webinar and facilitate the audience question-and-answer session. You also receive a slide template to develop materials.UIDP will host the webinar and will recruit a moderator to open/close the webinar and facilitate the audience question-and-answer session. You also receive:
• A slide template to develop materials; and
• Assistance in creating presentation graphics.
CoachingUIDP will conduct an internal review the slide deck and schedule and moderate a practice webinar 3 to 5 days before the live date, if requested.UIDP will provide a consultant to help you create a high-impact presentation. This includes:
• Slide deck review one week prior to the webinar; and
• Practice webinar 3 to 5 days before the webinar.
MarketingStandard 2-week marketing period to include:
• 2 professionally-developed emails to our proprietary targeted members; and
• 2 social media posts to the UIDP accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.
Premium marketing package over a month. This includes:
• Assistance in creating graphics for social media promotion;
• We will generate targeted email lists for specific audiences;
• 3 professionally-developed emails to our proprietary industry list;
• 3 social media posts to the UIDP accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook; and
• UIDP marketing content for use by the organization for promotion to its own lists and channels.
Post-Webinar Recording and Contacts• Organization will receive registration list, to include name and company (no email addresses).• UIDP will provide organization a copy of the recording to use for future promotional purposes; and
• Organization will receive registration list, including name, company and email address of those who opt in.
• UIDP can conduct a post-webinar survey and provide the results to the organization.

Please contact us ( to answer your questions.
*Non-member webinars must be paid in full before planning and promotion.

Why should UIDP produce your Premium Webinar?

We are a forum with global reach and impact. Our network includes a broad cross‐section of industry sectors, organizations, and academic institutions, with many different functions, scopes, and areas of responsibility. Breadth is key to the outreach and success of your webinar, because it enables us to reach large, interested, and qualified audiences.

UIDP regularly offers webinars on topics of interest to our audience as part of our mission to strengthen university‐industry partnerships. We have a proven track record, with 100+ webinars presented to interested, vetted audience.

We are an information exchange hub, so we expect participation and engagement. We are an organization of information gatherers and problem solvers. Working together, we share information to tackle the most challenging issues impacting U‐I relations, through creative—and sometimes disruptive—problem‐solving. We offer practical resources to help our members in the work they do.

Our outreach encompasses about 3,000 organizations and thousands of potentially interested professionals. UIDP webinars are a channel for members and non‐members to showcase opportunities for partnership, including new technologies, products, and funding opportunities.

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