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UIDP27 Conference Report Now Available!

This September, UIDP welcomed member representatives and other guests to our fall conference, UIDP27, hosted by Northwestern University, in partnership with The University of Chicago and The University of Illinois at Chicago in Chicago, IL. This was the largest UIDP conference to date, with more than 350 attendees (including more than 50 for their first time), four workshops, and 35 general and breakout sessions.

The conference report summarizes insights from the meeting for individuals who were unable to attend or member representatives seeking to incorporate this information into their own reports. We encourage you to share with colleagues within your organization who can benefit from the information from this report; we ask that it only be distributed within UIDP member organizations. You may also excise parts of the report and use as needed for your own purposes. To access all UIDP27 conference materials, click here.