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About UIDP (2017)

Where do world-leading research companies and universities find better ways to work together? At the UIDP. Watch our new About UIDP animation to learn how membership in UIDP helps companies and academic institutions maximize their existing research partnerships, build new networks and opportunities for future collaborations, and remove barriers to joint research-project success.

In this new About UIDP animation, we illustrate how we help our members do this in four four specific ways:

Through participation in UIDP Projects

Our members tell us getting involved in UIDP projects is one of the biggest benefits of membership. Members propose projects to tackle issues they face in the workplace. People then join project working groups to share their own knowledge and experience on the issue. The goal is to develop practical tools to help our members in the work they do.

Once a project launches, it follows a defined process; is managed by a subject-matter expert; and has both academic and company co-leads to ensure balance.

 By accessing and using UIDP Resources

Most of the resources we produce are the direct outcomes of UIDP projects but we also create other materials when we see an opportunity. Every UIDP resource must meet defined member needs. Our content is delivered through a variety of mediums and channels and all our resources are available to members in our online resource center.

By attending UIDP Events

UIDP events are another great way our members maximize their membership. Every year we hold meetings and other events across the country for:

  • Sharing knowledge
  • Networking
  • Working on UIDP projects
  • Showcasing U-I collaborations in real-world settings

By signing up for UIDP Academy events

The UIDP Academy is home to our training and development initiatives, including:

  • Intensive in-person workshops on hot-button issues
  • Bootcamps for new practitioners
  • Webinars bringing both content and experts to audiences around the world

UIDP’s strength lies in our broad membership. We bring many different perspectives to the table, representing a wide cross-section of job functions, industry sectors, organizations and academic institutions, all sharing one focus: improving U-I partnerships.

Wondering how to get the most from your membership?

  • Be willing to share your experiences so that others can learn from you.
  • Contribute constructive input to our discussions, and be an active participant in our Projects and activities.
  • Use our resources, attend our meetings and events, and take advantage of all UIDP has to offer.

Learn more about UIDP membership here.