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Contract Accord 0: Fair Dealing

This video covers the general principles of Contract Accord 0: Fair Dealing. The presenter is Paul Lowe, Kansas State University.

About the UIDP Academy Contract Accords Video Series

The UIDP’s Contract Accords are one of UIDP’s most popular and referenced resources. Experience leading contract negotiators through this Contract Accords Video Series designed to guide participants through 15 elements of a sponsored research agreement.

The UIDP’s roots are embedded in increasing understanding and illumination of how university-industry (U-I) research agreements can be effectively negotiated. Our Contract Accords tackle significant issues affecting sponsored research agreements and provide practical guidance and detailed reference material to help universities and companies understand each other’s perspectives, understand the preferential and legal constraints they each face and address challenges in negotiating these agreements.

The series comprises 16 videos, covering critical information related to each Contract Accord. Visit the series homepage for links to all videos.

Access the complete Contract Accords Video Series is available here.