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Using Big Data to Enhance U-I Partnerships

The data is clear: university-industry research collaborations produce better science. Increasingly, the planning and execution of a successful engagement strategy that produces productive and sustainable partnerships rests on having a modest competitive advantage. This competitive advantage is often less about an institutional size, infrastructure, location, or reputation, and more about big data — analytics that provide objective and benchmarked knowledge of individual and programmatic “best-in-class” strengths. Once an institution’s knowledge creation and problem solving strengths are understood, the next challenge is having these be discovered by those who both seek and would benefit from collaboration.

In a world where good enough is no longer acceptable, and transparency and accountability are king, what data and analytics do you need to be successful? In this video, join Mary Quandt and Jesse Mudrick (Elsevier) as they leverage Elsevier’s resources to cover models of what success can look like and how you can measure progress towards that goal.

About the Corporate Engagement Boot Camp videos

The UIDP Academy Corporate Engagement Boot Camp video series is designed to help academic leaders hone and improve their approach to industry collaborations. The videos deliver valuable insights and information on how to craft and execute an effective, holistic approach to corporate relationships through better understanding of the critical issues universities can consider when collaborating with industry. The series comprises eight videos, covering what corporations think about academic partnering, providing specific examples of different institutional approaches to help attendees refine their institutional value propositions:

  1. Developing a Strategy to Engage with Corporations
  2. Using Big Data to Enhance U-I Partnerships
  3. IP Matters, Federal Regulations and Other Factors
  4. Building an Innovation Ecosystem
  5. Contracting & Administrative Issues
  6. Sourcing Technology from External Partners
  7. Compliance Matters
  8. How Industry Works with MIT

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