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UIDP Webinar Recording: Anchoring Inclusive Innovation to HBCUs: Co-creation with Communities and Corporations

HBCUs are establishing partnership relationships with industry to build local innovation and entrepreneurship hubs. These partnerships create value for both partners as they strengthen workforce development bonds and provide fertile ground for technology development and startups. They leverage academic resources to establish HBCUs as innovation hubs for industry clusters, thus driving local, inclusive economic development.

This webinar provided a first-hand example of the Community Open Innovation partnership that has led to the relaunch of Morehouse College’s MakerSpace, with support from Microsoft. Presenters examined the value achieved through the partnership and an approach for shared ownership of innovation that generates self-sustaining and equalizing economic opportunity for local residents.

Originally aired,
Wednesday, June 1, 2022


  • Kory Hawkins, University Relations Lead, Microsoft
  • Markese Bryant, Sustainability Lead, Remix: The Soul of Innovation
  • John Jordan Jr., Economic Lead, Remix: The Soul of Innovation
  • Brian Lawrence, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Morehouse College