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EMD Performance Materials & EvoNexus Call for Companies Webinar (2019)

Is your science start-up ready to partner with us? Apply for the EvoNexus Incubator.

UIDP hosted an informative webinar about the EMD Performance Materials & EvoNexus partnership to advance science-based start-up companies on Wednesday, May 15 from 12 PM ET. Learn more about EMD Performance Materials targeted areas of interest and EvoNexus long-term (18 months and up to 2 years) in-residence incubator, as well as the application process and submission guidelines. Click here to access slide deck!

The EMD Performance Materials and EvoNexus call for companies is a targeted outreach to early stage companies with emerging technologies and use cases relevant to EMD Performance Materials core business. EMD Performance Materials offers specialty materials and technologies that are critical to the functioning of electronic displays, semiconductor devices, as well as decorative and functional coatings. Science and technology-based startups working on early stage solutions related to novel materials and technologies are encouraged to apply during this open round. Finalists will be considered for admission into the EvoNexus Technology Incubator/EMD Performance Materials portfolio and opportunities for early stage funding and additional EMD Performance Materials partnerships, which could include corporate R&D connections, early business unit exposure, technology steering and potential Beta customer trials

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