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Math Students With The Right Skills (2015)

Math Students With The Skills You Want & Where to Find Them

As more mathematical sciences students move beyond careers in academia to take up positions in a variety of industry sectors, including finance, social media marketing, aerospace and beyond, this webinar presents new approaches to providing students with the skills employers are looking for.

Learn more about the new NSF program Enriched Doctoral Training (EDT) which is helping PhD students recognize and find solutions to mathematical challenges arising in fields outside today’s academic setting. Also learn about a web portal being created by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) in conjunction with more than a dozen mathematics societies to connect mathematics students (undergraduate and graduate, pure and applied) to summer internships.


Webinar date: 2015


Jennifer Slimowitz Pearl, National Science Foundation

Rachel Levy, Harvey Mudd College

Rebecca Silveston-Keith, PhD, UIDP Associate

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