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UIDP Webinar: Propelling U.S. Manufacturing Competitiveness through Cybersecurity Innovations (2019)

Manufacturing systems, supply chains, and processes are increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. According to NBC News, the manufacturing sector in the U.S. lost nearly $240 billion in revenue and 42,220 manufacturing jobs from 2002 to 2012 due to cyber-attacks. An interdisciplinary team of researchers lead by Penn State is bringing together leading research institutions, industry partners, and National Labs to leverage a Stage 2 proposal for $70mil from the Department of Energy to form a Manufacturing Innovation Institute focused on making U.S. manufacturing systems secure and attack-resilient.

During this informational webinar, Dr. Peng Liu and Jingjing Li of Penn State will discuss the focus of the institute, how it will be structured, and how your organization can join us in building a new university/industry collaboration to expand our ability to address evolving cybersecurity threats to greater energy efficiency in manufacturing industries, develop new cybersecurity technologies and methods, and share information and knowledge to the broader community of U.S. manufacturers.


Dr. Peng Liu is the Raymond G. Tronzo, M.D. Professor of Cybersecurity in College of IST and Director of Center for Cybersecurity, Information Privacy and Trust at Penn State.  He has over 20 years of research experience in cybersecurity: his lab has discovered and contributed over 40 CVEs to the community; his lab has also developed dozens of original security designs and (open source) system prototypes. He has been a leader of a wide range of cyber security research projects, including three DoD MURI projects and a number of research grants funded by agencies including National Science Foundation (NSF), Army Research Office (ARO), Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), Office of Naval Research (ONR) and National Security Agency (NSA). From 2009-2015, he served as the team Lead PI of DoD MURI project Computer-aided Human-Centric Cyber Situational Awareness (SA), and oversaw the development of the first cyber SA R&D roadmap in the world. He has published over 280 technical papers, including many on top venues, and been awarded 4 U.S. patents. He has supervised the completion of over 30 PhD dissertations. He has also provided the community with a variety of professional services (e.g., chairing over 10 international conferences and workshops). He is a recipient of the DOE Early Career Principle Investigator Award.  He has co-led the effort to make Penn State a NSA-certified National Center of Excellence in Information Assurance Education and Research.

Dr. Jingjing Li is an Associate Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University, University Park, USA. Her primary research interest focuses on manufacturing processing, particularly on in-situ characterization, material mechanical behavior, failure analysis, and the effect of microstructure on macroscopic properties with applications in sheet metal forming, joining of dissimilar materials, additive manufacturing, and composite manufacturing. She is an associate editor of Manufacturing Letters and Journal of Manufacturing Processes, and a member of Manufacturing Processes Technical Committee at the ASME Manufacturing Engineering Division.

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