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PepsiCo’s Top Food Processing Research Challenges (2014)

Looking for assistance: PepsiCo’s Top Food Processing Research Challenges

PepsiCo Advanced Research (PAR) is the upstream corporate R&D department of PepsiCo Global R&D. PAR is charged with identifying, researching, and developing emerging novel technologies in both food and beverage processing and packaging. The ultimate goal of PAR is to create “development ready” technology that is robust enough to perform successfully at a pilot scale where product development teams explore potential applications that can impact our portfolio of beverages (Pepsi, Tropicana, Gatorade, etc.) and/or snacks & foods (Lays, Doritos, Quaker, etc.). PAR is also interested in areas external to processing and packaging that influence our core business, such as ingredients, sensors, analytical equipment, point of sale equipment, distribution/fleet, etc.


Austin Kozman — R&D Director, PepsiCo Advanced Research, Food Processing – Emerging Technologies