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HBCU Showcase Webinar Recording: Development of Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation for Heterocycle Synthesis

Heterocycles account for more than half of all known organic compounds and include many of the biochemical materials essential to life. This webinar discussed the importance of heterocycles and the need for the development of efficient methods for making them.

The rich activities of heterocycles in biological systems are important for R&D in pharmaceuticals and natural products. Among the top 200 brand-name drugs, over 75% are heterocyclic compounds. In nature, heterocycles are active components for defense, communication, and reproduction. The development of efficient multicomponent coupling processes for rapid generation of functionality and complexity in heterocycles is important for the synthesis of new classes of bioactive selenium, sulfur-containing heterocycles. The development of new carbon-carbon bond formations and multicomponent reactions will provide new opportunities for complex novel heterocycle synthesis including selenium-heterocycles. The resultant versatile heterocyclic subunits and trapping of the metal enolates in situ will provide excellent opportunities for new innovative approaches for novel complex heterocycle synthesis and drug discovery. Webinar attendees explored the potential for new research in heterocycle production and provide opportunities to pursue research collaboration.

Originally aired,
Tuesday, February 28, 2023


  • Barclay Satterfield, Eastman Chemical Company
  • Fenghai Guo, Winston-Salem State University