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Tell an Epic Research Story (2019)

Start in the middle to be remembered in the end. The narrative structure used by epic stories is key to hooking attention that sparks research collaboration.

Researchers like you uncover fascinating information about the natural and built worlds. To turn your new understandings into inventive technologies, you need funding and a team of collaborators.

Innovation today needs you to connect with interdisciplinary teams, including people beyond your immediate peer groups. How do you hook and efficiently retain an audience’s attention when they are not accustomed to your shorthand terms of art and bespoke diagrams?

Structuring your presentations into a truly captivating story is key. Epic stories, those tales of legend, show a way to hook attention right away and weave a memorable journey of discovery that has audiences wanting to join in. This webinar demonstrated how to hack the traditional scientific paper’s narrative to build a talk that captures and retains attention. Talks that start excited conversations that could lead to productive collaboration. Now wouldn’t that be epic?

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