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The MIST Center Webinar Session Recording: NSF IUCRC Webinar Series (2018)

Recording and Slide Deck Available Now!

Did you miss The MIST Center’s IUCRC Webinar on August 8th, 2018?

We have the recording and presentation available for you to download and view on your own time. David Arnold and Shelby Powell discuss their IUCRC and provide insight into MIST’s operations, funding, intellectual property, project selection, and management. UIDP’s President, Tony Boccanfuso moderates.

The MIST Center’s mission is to facilitate the integration of novel materials, processes, and devices and circuits into multi-functional systems and tools needed for future mist computing nodes. In partnership with member companies and agencies, we are innovating more than Moore technologies for smart systems in the Internet of Things era.



Slide Deck

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