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UIDP Webinar: UI Collab

UI Collab, a wholly-owned for-profit subsidiary of UIDP, is a consulting firm that grew out of a consistent demand for services from the membership of UIDP. At UI Collab, the select team of experts have deep experience from years of service at leading universities and companies, giving us a distinct competitive advantage.
This webinar gave participants the opportunity to meet some of the consultants—Melissa Erekson, Karl Koster, Edward Krause, and Robert Lowe, and discover how to leverage UI Collab to empower teams, refine strategies, and boost innovation ecosystems.

Originally aired,
Wednesday, September 20, 2023


  • Tony Boccanfuso, UIDP
  • Melissa Erekson, Consultant
  • Karl Koster, MIT (retired)
  • Edward Krause (retired)
  • Robert Lowe, Consultant